Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy


1. Collecting data through Cookies

A cookie is a small string of text that the websites visited send to the browser of your computer, where it is stored when you visit an Internet website, and are then re-transmitted to the same sites on the occasion of your next visit.
Cookies are used by the Company to operate the Website or improve its performance, and also to provide information about the Website or your browsing.
The Website uses cookies both for technical purposes and for further purposes: while technical cookies are used in that they are strictly necessary for the technical functioning of the Website and to provide the service expressly requested by you (e.g., setting the language, etc..), as better described below, cookies for further purposes (e.g., profiling cookies, analytical cookies) are used to carry out analyses of your behaviour on the Website, in order to improve its content and send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by you in the context of network browsing, as indicated below.


1.1 Technical cookies

Technical cookies are fundamental to enable you to surf the Website and use its functionalities, remember your preferences (for example, language, country of origin, etc.), distribute requests on more servers, remember when you consent to certain options (for example, by accepting the use of certain cookies to remove the informative banner), in order to enable you to view contents and videos through Adobe Flash Player. Such cookies shall last for no longer than 2 years and do not require your consent.
The technical cookies used are:
– pll_language: allows the correct distribution of the contents in your selected language;
– gat_gtag_UA_[xxx]: allows Google to distinguish users.


1.2 Performance and analytics cookies of the Company

These cookies may be session or permanent cookies, and their use is limited to the Website’s performance and improvement. These cookies enable us to identify, measure and track the Website’s visitors, thus allowing us to improve and perfect the Website, for example, by determining whether you can easily find the information desired, or by identifying which aspects of the Website are of greatest interest. These cookies are used by the Company to carry out statistical and anonymous analyses on how users navigate the Website, on the number of pages visited or the number of clicks made on a page during navigation. According to privacy regulations, these cookies are equated to technical cookies, therefore they do not require your consent.


1.3 Performance and Analytics Cookies of Third Parties

The Company may also use, on its Website, analytical and performance cookies of third parties, for the same purposes as those described above. In particular, the Company may use cookies of Google Analytics through the “_ga” cookie, in order to analyse how users navigate the Website, the number of pages visited or the number of clicks made on a page while browsing. The Company shall process the results of these analyses only if the third party uses the relevant cookies in connection with the browser installed on the computer or on other devices used by you to navigate the Website.
To activate these cookies, you can choose to give your consent (which therefore represents the legal basis for the processing) through the mechanism shown in the banner providing information on the Company’s cookies, which appears on the homepage/landing page of the Website when you access it.
For information on how to manage, or disable, the performance and analytics cookies installed by Google Analytics, we suggest reading Google’s Privacy Policy and cookies options at the following links:


1.4 Profiling cookies installed by the Company

In the emails sent to you, the Company may insert web beacons and electronic images, so-called “one pixel GIFs”, “clear GIFs” or “pixel tags” that, if clicked, allow one to count the number of users who have visited the Website’s pages, or who have had access to the contents of communications; apart from obtaining statistical data, it is thus possible to identify also the characteristics and contents in which individual users are more interested, in order to provide more tailored information.

Finally, to learn more about the cookies on the Website and how to manage or disable those of third parties, you can visit


1.5 Disabling cookies through the browser

In addition to being able to choose whether to accept or reject all or part of the cookies used by the Website for further purposes through the mechanisms illustrated in this Privacy Policy, in future you may also, if you wish so, delete from your browser the cookies set by the Website also through the settings of the browser itself.
Most of surfing browsers are set to accept cookies. However, you may set your browser in such a way as to restrict the number of cookies accepted or block all the cookies, changing the browser settings as follows:
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Click on the “Tools” icon in the top corner on the right and select “Internet Options”. Select “Privacy” in the pop-up window. Here you may change the cookies settings.
Google Chrome
Click on the “wrench” icon in the top corner on the right and select “Settings”. At this point, select “Show advanced settings” and change the “privacy” settings.
Mozilla Firefox
From the menu button in the top corner on the left, select “Options”. Select “Privacy” in the pop-up window. Here you may change the cookies settings.
From the menu button in the top corner on the right, select “Preferences”. Select “Security” and there you may change the cookies settings.

However, it is pointed out that by disabling the use of all the cookies on the Website (including technical cookies), some functionalities will be compromised.


1.6 Additional information related to the cookies

The website contains the instructions to manage the cookies on the most common browsers; alternatively, it is possible to consult the documentation attached to the software used on one’s own device.


2. Changes to the Privacy and Cookie Policy

The Company reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time, giving notice thereof through publication on the Website. We ask you to check such updates on the Website.
If the changes were particularly significant and/or their impact on your rights were substantial, the Company may notify you of such changes also through other modalities (for example, by sending an email).
Privacy and Cookie Policy as at December 10th 2020