A master’s degree. A professional apprenticeship. The first experience of living together. Contemporary needs and desires, finding a “home” in one word: City Pop. Developed by Artisa Group, a Swiss company engaged in real estate development and investment management in the European market, led by President Alain Artioli, City Pop is an innovative housing concept. It meets the need to rent a fully furnished city home, equipped with everything, while also providing the opportunity for autonomous management. How?

Thanks to the App that does everything from opening the front door to chatting with the neighbours. Already present in several European countries, the concept will arrive in Milan in 2024. Manuel Sassella, CEO of City Pop, tells us how it works.

What is City Pop?


“I would define it as the most versatile solution to the need for accommodation in a city, for periods more or less brief. A need that is increasingly widespread and cross-cutting, affecting everyone from students to ‘grandparents’ who want to be close to their grandchildren. New needs but also new ways of conceiving the home today: no longer as owners but as users.”


What sets City Pop apart from other solutions on the market, from traditional rentals to hotels?


“An ingenious pricing policy: living in Milan or Rome must be an affordable expense even for a young person in their first job. Then, the flexibility of the rental period, ranging from four to 52 weeks. Finally, the services we offer, all of which can be activated through the App.”

You mentioned the City Pop application, can you explain how it works?


“The application is the tool to do everything, from booking the flat to opening the door, from scheduling cleaning times to reserving common spaces. The buildings where the flats are located always have common areas, such as a kitchen equipped with a dining room where you can invite friends, a coffee bar, a fitness area. The application allows you to book these and also access the bulletin board with organized activities, where you can get in touch with those who live in the same building. The added value of our application is not to waste our users’ time. The home should be a place where you are happy, not a source of stress.”