Centro Bedart, office spaces | Lugano


Floor 3
ID Bedart B.3.3
Available as of Immediately



Monthly rent 4957 CHF
Additional costs excluded


Via alla Gerra 13
6930 Bedano | Lugano

Bedano is a municipality in the Canton of Ticino, located in the district of Lugano. Positioned at a key intersection between Lamone, Gravesano, Torricella-Taverne, and Alto Malcantone, it is just 45 minutes from Milan and 5 minutes from Lugano.
The new Centro Bedart, an easily accessible location, is characterised by its modern and innovative style.
The centre consists of two adjoining blocks with their own functional autonomy and is inspired by simple concepts:

accessibility, flexibility of use and quality.

The conceptual innovation lies in imparting great flexibility to the spaces, maximizing their potential to the fullest.
The modules intended for hosting spaces for craftsmen are all equipped with spacious access doors and slabs with suited capability, ensuring complete vehicular accessibility in a secure environment. Vehicular access on three out of the four floors allows for straightforward and efficient reachability to all spaces within the facility. The office spaces are designed to provide comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environments.

The space B.3.4 with 450 m2 features a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams and skylights. The modernity of the environment and interior with particular attention to detail ensure welcoming and comfortable spaces that are well-suited for hosting representative offices.

Possibility of even larger areas, indoor and outdoor parking. Incidental expenses excluded.

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Via alla Gerra 13
6930 Bedano | Lugano

Situated within a thriving industrial and artisanal zone, the location boasts a strategic advantage in close proximity to Lugano and key transportation links. The city centre of Lugano is easily accessible within minutes, facilitated by the convenient Vedeggio-Cassarate tunnel.

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