Each entity within our group is unique, contributing to creating a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem. From real estate developers to entities specialized in sustainable design and engineering, and to the General Contractor for project implementation on-site, Artisa Group offers a complete range of services. Additionally, we boast specialized entities operating in microliving and leisure sectors, further expanding our reach and impact on the real estate market.

Artisa Developer specializes in real estate development, acquisition, and design, aiming to generate value for stakeholders. The company researches and acquires new assets, coordinates design with its team of architects, and engages in investor relations and marketing, placing quality and sustainability at the core of its operations.

Evolve, a multidisciplinary engineering firm founded in 2008, is known for its innovative skills and solutions. With a qualified team, it offers comprehensive and high-quality services for every project. It is committed to high standards of quality, safety, and sustainability in all phases, with ISO 9001 certifications and membership in professional associations. Ready to tackle complex challenges, it guarantees excellent results for clients.

G&A is a General Total Contractor in the construction sector, providing comprehensive services for all construction phases, supporting Artisa Developer and other developers to ensure quality and deadline compliance. The team includes engineers specialised in various disciplines. G&A collaborates with Artisa Developer and Artisa Architecture, contributing to project analysis and design. They ensure efficiency and satisfactory results, maintaining high standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. Thanks to their extensive experience, they offer tailor-made solutions and excellent results.

City Pop is an innovative housing concept that addresses the growing needs of an evolving society. Preferring strategic locations in major cities, it offers fully furnished apartments for flexible periods. Currently managing around 1,700 units in various European countries, it aims to reach 3,000 by 2026. Its business model promotes an urban lifestyle based on community and social interaction while ensuring privacy and autonomy.

San Bernardino, nestled between mountains and reserves, offers Swiss mountain life. It is the main mountain tourist destination south of the Alps, the only Italian-speaking one, with many opportunities. The mission of San Bernardino Mountain Leisure, a company operating on behalf of the promoter San Bernardino Swiss Alps, is to create a unique destination, supporting local development, offering sports, relaxation, wellness, and entertainment, with integrated infrastructure, commerce, and culture development. San Bernardino is easily accessible and plans to enhance hotels, experiences, and ski facilities.

Artisa Developer is specialized in the development, acquisition, and design of real estate projects. Its primary goal is to create value at every stage of the life cycle for all stakeholders involved. The company actively engages in opening new markets through the research and acquisition of new real estate assets, coordinating design through its team of architects. It is committed to managing investor relations and commercialization, placing quality and sustainability at the core of its operations.

Evolve is a multidisciplinary engineering firm with a forward-thinking vision and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Established in 2008, the company has emerged as a prominent player in the Ticino region due to its extensive range of expertise and its ability to provide innovative and tailored solutions for every need. With a highly qualified team comprising civil, mechanical, electrical, energy, environmental engineers, architects, draftsmen, and technicians, Evolve offers comprehensive and high-quality service in all project phases. The company is dedicated to maintaining high standards of quality, safety, and sustainability in all its activities, from planning and design to implementation and management. It takes pride in its membership in prestigious professional associations such as SIA and, as well as its certifications like ISO 9001, which attest to its ongoing commitment not only to excellence but also to innovation. Evolve’s mission is to become a reference point in multidisciplinary engineering in Switzerland, offering cutting-edge solutions for public entities, real estate developers, and managers. The company stands out for its revitalization of existing built heritage, contributing to the creation of sustainable and resilient communities. With its integrated approach and team of experts, Evolve is ready to tackle complex challenges and deliver excellent and lasting results for its clients.

G&A is a General Total Contractor operating in the construction sector, providing a wide range of services covering all phases of the construction process. Its technical expertise supports both Artisa Developer
and third-party developers in design and tendering, ensuring transparency, quality, and adherence to deadlines. Its team comprises engineers with expertise in key areas such as structural, civil, building, and electrical engineering. These individuals combine cutting-edge practical skills with an entrepreneurial and innovative approach, working closely with subcontractors and integrating primary suppliers from the project’s outset. G&A operates synergistically with Artisa Developer and Artisa Architettura, contributing to project analysis and design phases. They define work stages, conduct technical and qualitative analyses for tendering, and constantly work on optimizing construction technologies. The company actively engages in all project lifecycle stages, ensuring efficiency, added value, and results that fully meet client expectations. G&A’s philosophy is based on creating strong and lasting partnerships with clients while maintaining high standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. With extensive experience and technical expertise, G&A offers tailored solutions and delivers excellent results to its clients.

City Pop is an innovative housing concept, born in response to the needs of a society in constant evolution and with growing demands for comfort, flexibility, and technological innovation. Focusing on strategic locations in major cities, where the demand for new living spaces is continuously increasing, City Pop offers fully furnished apartments of various sizes for rent ranging from 4 to 52 weeks, with booking as easy as reserving a hotel room, at a price comparable to traditional leases. Currently, City Pop manages approximately 1,700 apartments in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic, and with new projects in development, it aims to manage 3,000 units by 2026. Its business model goes beyond meeting the ever-growing demand for housing characterized by high flexibility and an incredible value proposition; it aims to promote an innovative urban lifestyle based on community and social interaction, while ensuring privacy and autonomy. The project’s vision is to create a new reality where tenants can live, work, and interact in environments that reflect the highest standards of quality and design. City Pop doesn’t just strive to excel as an operator but aspires to become an innovator, simplifying the way people live in major cities.

Nestled amidst imposing mountains and scenic reserves, San Bernardino offers the best of typically Swiss mountain life in every season. As the primary mountain tourist destination in southern Switzerland and the only one in Italian-speaking territory, San Bernardino boasts a wide range of opportunities: it’s the alpine destination where Swiss quality and Italian lifestyle converge. The mission of San Bernardino Mountain Leisure is to create a unique and sustainable destination, supporting long-term development through resort management. Sports, relaxation, wellness, and fun: a modern and sustainable mountain lifestyle where development, infrastructure, commerce, and culture integrate with the surroundings, providing exclusive services to residents and visitors alike. San Bernardino’s easy accessibility along the Zurich-Milan axis makes it an ideal destination to reach in no time, allowing for moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. The transformation of San Bernardino in the coming years is aimed at enhancing what the mountain resort already offers today. The natural amphitheater created by the mountains and the lush mountain flora provide opportunities for activities of all kinds and for every need. Hospitality, experiences, and ski facilities under one management. San Bernardino Mountain Leisure leverages this strategic advantage to make San Bernardino a vibrant multigenerational destination.